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Each of us has a story, with chapters and changes that make up the fabric of our lives and everyone, at one point or another, finds themselves asking “how do we clean out this house?”.  Whether it’s your home, your parent’s, or a friend’s – big or small – Blue Tape Sales & Service looks forward to assisting your family in their life transitions.

What People Are Saying

I highly recommend Blue Tape Sales. Nancy was very professional, knowledgable and kind when she met with me at my father’s house after his health required an unexpected move out of state. I was overwhelmed by the 50 years of stuff that had accumulated. I was so impressed with Nancy’s ability to assess the situation, make suggestions, and arrive at a solution that left the house empty, clean, and ready to sell within our short time frame. The neighbors who observed the clean-out day were amazed at how professional and efficient the team was. They dealt with everything from quality furniture and knick-knacks to hazardous waste in the basement in less than one day. My family is extremely grateful for this service.

Rebecca A.

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