August 27 – 28

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Greetings, Blue Peeps!
Fyi, our next sale AFTER THIS ONE will be September 10th as we are setting up for a few that will double up in the upcoming weeks, so don’t sweat if you don’t get a notice until the 8th.  Just fillin’ ya in on the schedule deets 🙂

12351 Charlotte Kansas City, MO 64146
Monday …………………….  9am to 5pm and
Tuesday ……………………  8am to 11am  AT 60% off … yes, SIXTY % off 🙂
* take Holmes to 122nd Terrace and go east one block to Charlotte and go right.  About a block down on the left is the entry to the culdesac/horsehoe drive where the townhome/sale is.  THERE IS NO PARKING IN THAT CULDESAC, SO PLEASE PARK ON CHARLOTTE. Thanks in advance for following those uppercase instructions 🙂

So here’s the dealio on this sale.  Darling gal who enjoys shopping and has a townhome PACKED with stuff.  Not much furniture, but sweet Lord, do we have the STUFF!  Full kitchen with copper pots/pans, dishes, small appliances, wicker serving pieces, 5′ + picture easel, LOTS of books, power and hand tools, craft stuff galore, home decor galore, light up pumkins and lots o’ other Halloween, tons o’ Christmas stuff – lots new in boxes – including over a hundred ornaments (lots Hallmark), boxes of floral, decor trees, lots of boxed string lights, basic tool bench, lots of Christmas Village misc (homes, buildings, trees, peeps, Department 56, Yuletide, Lemax, decorative baskets, sea shells out the ying-yang, 3 file cabs, lots of curling irons and hair dryers, FRAMES!!, 5′ curio, SANTAS, 6′ long padded window bench, nice women’s clothes (M-XL), nice shoes (9-10), nice decor pillows and bedding, new greeting cards, 2 9×12 rugs, ribbon and gift wrap, CANDLES!, wall/sofa table, TVs, 2 large Lladros and several small ones, black/glass etigierre, nice computer desk, framed artwork, TWO FURBYS (creepy, but make awesome gifts), handbags, new wreaths in boxes, Ab Lounger, McDonald’s Happy Meal bagged toys, nice luggage, lots of costume jewelry and watches, sunglasses (perfect for you Labor Day Lake-bound Loungers), CDs and DVDs, Huntley armoire, Steiff bears, bags of decorative stones, several decorative concrete pieces, concrete bench, several wrought iron pieces, Chiminea, 2 loungers (though not double – ya gotta buy those retail apparently), gas grill and yes, MORE!  Bring your bags, bring your friends with bags (heehee), but be there!

Again, please do not park in the culdesac.  Yea, it’s that important that I wanted to mention it again.  Have a most excellent  and fabuloushap-hap-happy weekend y’all and we’ll see you Monday morning … at 9am 🙂  And we’ll be tenting it again, so garage entry — right side!


Nancy Anne  &  Tina Louisa May Alcott
    and the funniest gals in 37 states,
          Sue, Paula, Trish, Melissa and Diane

Here is a map of the sale!