November 6 – 7, 2012

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Buckle up, people of the Blue, cuz while this may not be the largest sale we’ve had or you’ve attended, it is a seeeeriously interesting sale with a phenominally interesting array of cool, old, some new, antique, military, practical, oh wow, functional … some furniture, but a trajillion smalls (and mediums!) and y.o.u. wanna be there 🙂  This (very nice) family is in transition and want to get. rid. of. the excess so everything in the (packed) 2-car garage and everything (except the little freezer, the attached sump pump and functional toilet) in the (packed) basement and a good section of the backyard is for sale.  There will be two entries; one on the right garage door and the other on the sidewalk leading to the back basement entrance where most of the stuff is (no home access). On the first day in the morning, there will be a check out for each area.  The family IS STILL IN THE HOME, so pleeeease respect their privacy and do not ring the doorbell or be anything other than the awesomely respective peeps you are.  Thank you for that.  Also note that Shawnee requests an 8am start.  Therefore, an 8am start it is.  We’re law-abiders, we are.

6822 Bell Shawnee KS
** just east of 435 – take Bell North to home on the left.  The street is fairly narrow, so please park on just the one side and be careful as some of the sides are kinda ‘dippy’ 🙂  There is no parking in the driveway, though will have a driveway space for large item pickup only … thanks!
TUESDAY  ………………….  8am to 4pm
WEDNESDAY  ……………  8am to noon @ 50% off!

Collectibles of mannny types, Snoopy ’68 lunchbox w/ thermos, a few new Chicago Cutlery knives, 6 OLD typewriters (Royal, Underwood, Oliver Printype No. 9 (types from the sides!) and Woodstock), 20+ hunting and military knives, vintage stainless flatware pcs,  a 1919 yardlong photo, deer head, lots of interesting framed artwork, old iron pots, a new La Cruset, milk glass, antique Burroughs cash register, great selection of glassware, meaning colored glass and bottles, cool old milk bottles from some old local places – Miller Lite baseball bat shaped bottles  …

pause …

two vintage hula girl lamps (Alo-HAAAto that!), antique solid wood desk chairs on wheels, old saxaphone and clarinet, mid-century coffee table, basic gun racks, old ammo shells, antique steamer chests, great variety of old radios, 2 oil paintings, many deer stands/seats – including a new one in the box from Cabelas, good selection of hunting miscellany, LOTS of tools (old and new – clamps aplenty – chains – hitches – vises – brackets – everything!), 3 military helmuts, LOTS of military wear (belts, jackets, packs, bags  lalala), metal lockers (with big and small cabs), camping stuff (lanterns, new cot, mess kits), yard tools …

breathe …

old decorative iron ga-lorrrre, old Johnson 7 1/2 boat motor, 2 new chimney caps, steel tire rims, old sleds, a few old birdhouses, cases (metal and hard plastic), car jacks (incl a Mack-Daddy), new faux fireplace logs (in box), stainless sinks, 2 Shop Vacs, small oak secretary, old scales, beautiful carved wood full size head/foot boards, new full mattress set, beautiful buffet/flatscreen console, cool medium metal cabinets that you metal people love (Cole Steel and Remington), lotsa vintage flatware, pond liners and pond pump, old door knobs, fishing tackle boxes and a bit o’ tackle,

almost finished …

20 rod/reels, a few old random reels, wall payphone home decor, several extendo tree trimmers, Iwaki Metering pump, 10″ table saw, Black & Decker band saw, mitre saw, light fixtures, tool kits, a telescope on a tripod, boxes of new can lights, lotsa pocketknives and a good variety (20+) of military and other knives, a buncha stuff that begs the question “whaaa is that”? and more stuff hangin on the walls and under the table and everyotherplace we could think of … so, unless you’re specifically looking for new Pottery Barn furniture, ya wanna come to this sale 🙂

If I think of anything else, I’ll call ya on your cell for an update.  Wait, no I won’t … that’s not practical.  And Bsides, it’s Friday and recess has begun ~  giddyup.

Be safe and make good choices,

Nancy Anne  &  Tina Louisa May Alcott
     and THE most aMAzing, rockstar, git-r-done “A” Team in 42 countries.  Not lyin’ …
          Sue, Paula, Trish, Melissa, Ashley and Diane


Here is a map of the sale!