September 16-17, 2013

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THANK YOU for the aMAzing turnout on 67th and Ward Parkway ~ almost a sellout, and we are grateful 🙂

** sidebar:  we told many of you that next week’s sale was on Roe, but there was a family sitch that has postponed it until the 25th.  No worries, Mates, as there’s always another waiting in the wings so here ya go …

8340 Briar Lane Prairie Village, KS
** in between Roe and Nall, take 83rd Street to Briar and go South.  Kindergarten wasn’t this easy.
MONDAY   ………………….  7:30a – 4pm
                                             3-4 @ 25% off
TUESDAY  ………………….   8a – 1pm @ 50% off

A. Fun. Sale.  Yep.  Before we get to the watches, cameras and smoking pipes extravaganza, let’s run through the furniture:  an outSTANDing 7.5′ mid-century credenza (lovelove!), a large dining table with 6 caned-back chairs w/ oriental upholstered seats/3 leaves and pads, a refractory dining table and chairs, a 48″ round marble-top/iron base table, 3 leather parsons chairs, 3 white/cream poofy chairs, a large square all glass coffee table …

a niiice newer pillowtop full-size mattress set, several rust-ish-colored contemporary pcs – a 3 drawer chest/two cylinder end tables (store display?)/2 rectangular ends, about 20 pcs of outdoor wrought iron (round table/4 chairs, carts, 3 loungers, ends, loveseat, chairs-rockers, baker’s rack, lalala), a 70’s daybed/couch, a large mirror-front armoire, a newer elec GE dryer, an older Maytag washer …

And seriously?  Fifteen (underscored) new men’s watches (Stauer, Cascio, Swiss Army, Torgeon, Daniel Steiger, Wenger, Cabelas, Invicta) and beeteedubs, men’s watches look fabulous on women as well dontchaknow ~ also, have a great selection of over 20 smoking pipes and 3 pipe stands, some interesting pocket knives, a pair of sterling (weighted) 3-candle candelabras …

THENnnnn, we have cameras.  Believe the term we used was “motha-lode”.  20 or so (too pooped to count) from basic-basic to 35mm to digital to those snappy-sneaky wee-ones that surely, Shirley, were similar to those used by Inspector Clouseau and Dick Tracy, BOOKS and MORE books – new, really old and cool coffee table books, a new Borriss Rimfire Scope (with bonus scope), a HUGE 15×11 red center/blue edged (Jayhawk?) rug …

Three (new, just outta the box ordered from Joss & Main) pcs of Bassett: a larrrrge 2-tiered coffee table, a console table and a round end table, some fun vintage glassware including a fun Schweppes ice bin/matching 12-glass set, a large antique andiron set, 27″ Sony HDTV flatscreen, some stereo equipment, vintage Pyrex, lots of kitchen/serving pcs, and LOTS of home decor, CDs and DVDs and albums, 2 round wicker end tables, 2 trombones …

a King and Horton brand trombones (in cases!), a Schwinn High Plains bike, 2 wheelbarrows, benchgrinder, handtools, luggage, a Restoration Hardware black swirly (it’s my new word, obvi) fireplace screen, bookcases, 7-ish rugs, several upholstered benches, lots of (large) nice men’s clothing/belts/TIES/shoes (Cole Haan, Sperry, Bass),  a 120V air compressor, B/D trimmer, 3 new TWA travel bags (well, not new-new as we all know … I meant not used), and LOTS of framed artwork …

and the key to The City.  Which city has yet to be determined however comma it’s a really big key so must be a really BIG city.  Yep.

Please note that there is a family member living in the home so while the backyard has stuff in it, pleeeez do not go out back or window peek and freak them out ~ be patient and wait ’til 7:30 when the sale opens.  Thanks.  Pleeez do not park where the “No Parking” signs are … seems obvious, but obviously we need to mention it.  Thanks again.  Cash and checks (with approval on most stuff, though some items are cash only).  One more thing ~ we do NOT move furniture.  If we were able, we would be a moving company.  We’re not and don’t wanna be, so if you purchase something you can’t move, bring capable help or ask us for capable references.  Thaaanks 🙂  

And that is all she wrote.

Nancy ~
       and the A Team that blesses me to the point of bursting (seriously.),
             Tina, Paula, Sue, Trish, Diane, Carole and Joyce 🙂

Image 29

NEW tiered coffee table

Image 30

— close up of new wood coffee table

Image 28

ORANGE umbrella and wrought iron table set

Image 26

— just some of the wrought iron on the patio …

Image 25

— pictured on left: your basic LP …
— pictured on right: a “hugemongous-vinyl-I’m-not-sure-what” … what would one play this on??

Image 24

— a sampling of the camera extravaganza ….

Image 23

— hey, ya wanna buy a watch??

Image 22

’70’s Schweppes set … fun, huh?

Image 21

— the key to the City of your choice 🙂

Image 19


Image 18

— lots of a lot of everything.

Image 16

— vintage set in pink swirly 🙂

Image 15

— one of 5 contemporary pieces …

Image 14

— valuables table 🙂

Image 12

— no sheep needed … comfy 🙂

Image 4

— closeup of the credenzaaaa …

Image 1

— 7.5′ long credenza … front panels slide (like butta) to unveil drawers on right and left sides and shelves in the middle.


— main dining table ~

Image 27 Image 20 Image 17 Image 13 Image 11 Image 10 Image 6 Image 5photo

Here is a map of the sale!