September 23-24, 2013

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** Indulge me with a story ~
All families affect and bless us in some way, but this is the first time, of which I am aware, that we have helped a couple who survived the Holocaust; Eugene and Kate.  The family has shared hundreds of letter from students who wrote letters of gratitude to Eugene for speaking to them over the years about his life’s experiences ~ humbling for us, to say the least.  Eugene passed this year, but Kate and her son, Allen, shared this fun story with us …  Eugene was a Master Tailor who came to KC from NYC in the ’60’s ~ He and his wife loved to travel to Las Vegas and became good friends with the GM at the Hilton Hotel with whom he would send gifts in gratitude for the free rooms, meals and shows they received.  Eugene would bring beautiful coats and suits he created for the GM’s wife during their visits and after he designed a new American eagle belt buckle, he mailed it to him.  After receiving it, the GM called, requesting a dozen more.  The next time Eugene and Kate were in Las Vegas, security brought them to the GM’s office where they met a young man named Elvis Presley.  Elvis thanked Eugene for the buckles and then showed him a white jumpsuit that was created using the buckles.  After Elvis’ death, the white suit with Eugene’s buckles was displayed in a glass case in the lobby of the Hilton.  Several belts are available at the sale.  Thanks for listening …
5523 W. 82nd St, Prairie Village Kansas
** off Nall, go West on 82nd Street to home
MONDAY, September 23  ………………………  7:30am to 4pm  (3-4pm @ 25% off)
TUESDAY, September 24  ……………………..   8am to 1pm  (50% off)

When the family moved from New York City in the early ’60’s, they brought with them several fabulous pieces that are to be sold including a rich and large 10×18 Lillihan rug, 3 splendid antique china cabinets, and an impressive Sander (Alexander) Budai 55″ tall x 37″ wide oil painting, 3 large Schierholz lamps (2 cherub), 1 Capodimonte lamp, old Herand figurines, silver Kiddish cups, Eugene’s sewing machines, and some other awesome smalls …. almost everything else in this 4 BR home has been accumulated since the ’60’s including …  

several sets of china, a vintage red/grey formica top table w storage leaf, dining and kitchen tables, set of 6 high-back parsons chairs, another set of 4 high-back chairs, 2 gold butterfly side LR chairs, a 1970’s 2 sofa/bed couch ensemble, many shabby chic tables/shelf units, many med-large framed ‘string art’, LOTS of stamps ~ lots, I tell ya …

Baseball cards ga-lore, boxes and binders full and many collectibles (incl excellent condition Rookie Cards) and names like Ozzie, Deion, McGwire, Aaron, Clemens, Bo Jackson, Brett, and a huuuuge amount of Royals cards including 8 unopened team sets from 1980 – 1990 (yes, with Bo in some!) … just a great selection …

vintage clothing and a whole buncha men’s vintage ties, lots of fun paper incl posters, Las Vegas programs from Frank Sinatra etc, boxes of sleeved LIFE and LOOK magazines from the ’60’s, many vintage Hilton and Sands Hotels casino dice, old metal cabinets with drawers (like y’all like), boxed items from the ’70’s, old Kitchen Aid mixer, vintage lamps, a splendid mid-cent buffet …

a 1960 National League A’s All Stars pennant, other Royals paraphernalia including pennants (and other misc pennants), posters (incl Grow With Bo), Royals bags and programs lalala, 2 marble-top/cherub base end tables, a fab oval marble top/teak bottom coffee table, 2 vintage silverplate coffee/tea service with large trays, and several pcs of smaller sterling pcs …

Elvis stuff everywhere incl 6 decanters, posters, keychains, clock, t-shirts etc, many Judaic items and books, a beautiful painting of The Wailing Wall, nice set of 12 Bolero cups, full kitchen and several retro pcs, albums, large poker table top, lotsa shelf units (wood/Sauder/metal), 20+ ’70’s belt buckles, sleek wood tea cart, German porcelain, 2 (in the box) glider-rockers and one glider stool, …

and in the top floor dormer (Eugene’s studio) and ALLL over the home, you’ll find a trizillion large and small spools of thread, bundles of fabric, cardboard design drawings, old sewing machines, a low 6-drawer chest, older yardsticks and (without exaggeration) HUNDREDS of Ziploc bags of: costume jewelry, watches, sewing notions, thread, nails, random smalls and BUTTONS (omg, the buttons: vintage, covered, large and itty-bitty, rhinestone, metal and plastic) and ZIPPERS … a picker’s and grab-bag gala-ganza!

Pictures available at and fyi, we do not provide previews, presales or provide prices pre-sale, but Sally may indeed sell sea shells down by the seashore.  Or so I’ve heard.  Front door entry, bring your own movers, e-ver-y-thing must be picked up by 1pm Tuesday, Fall is coming and that is FAbulous …. and so are all y’all 🙂

It’s a lovely sale for a lovely family … see you on Monday! .

Nancy ~
     and the awesomely amazing A Team,
            Tina, Paula, Sue, Trish, Diane and Carole

image copy 2

— one of three antique cabinets ~

image copy 3

— Eugene loved to create String Art ~ this is one of the more intricate 🙂

image copy 5

— we had a similar one in our ’70’s finished basement ~ grooovy

image copy 6

— nice tapestry on the wall behind the couch with the chain-side detail …

image copy 7

— another antique cabinet ~ pretty, huh?

image copy 9

— and LOTS of others including full Royals sets from the ’80’s!

image copy 10

— marble-top coffee table with a Nixon photo bomb 🙂

image copy 11

— Sander Budai oil … magnificent.

image copy 12

— close up of the Budai oil ~

image copy 13

— south view of the dormer studio ~

image copy 14

— north view of of dormer studio with the retro red/grey table and 6 drawer low chest …

image copy 15

— impressive lineup 🙂

image copy 16

— learn Bible facts while learning how to gamble ..

image copy 19

— sooooo much thread … and buttons … and zippers … and sewing notions …

image copy 20

— 3 of these available ~

image copy 21

— 3rd antique china cabinet with the Elvis decanters on top ~

image copy 22

— close-up detail of the 3rd china cabinet …

image copy 24

— original fashion design drawings

image copy

— 2 of the 3 Schierholz lamps


— mid century credenza and 2 silverplate serving sets

  image copy 4 image copy 17 image copy 26

Here is a map of the sale!