Blue Tape Message-May 28

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Dear Blue Tape family,

Was going to make this a part of our next ad, but think it’s more personal to send all by it’s selfie 🙂 The meaning of the note is two-fold, and here she be:

The A-Team and I are over-the-top grateful for having each other as a “work family”. There aren’t too many events or situations we don’t share; parenting, aging parents, house woes and rehabs, recipe swapping (I listen and pretend to be interested), tales of stuff we’ve purchased at other Estate Sales, births, weddings and graduations and all the hours in between. We share life.

We wanted to let you know that we are having only one sale in the month of June and wanted to let you know why. June is a month full of “life happening” for all of us … 2 new grandbabies, a wedding, several graduations, being there for a parent, a residential move to a new home and all that goes with it. So instead of freaking over the schedule, we’ve made the choice to pay attention and breathe it all in.

Part One:

The stars aligned and I am now the lucky-bug owner of the Cutest. Home. E-verrrr. I sold the home in which I grew up and have decided to sell about 92.5% of everything. Yep, I am. So the only sale we’ll have in June is mine which will run June 8 & 9. Pictures and email will be up on and by early June, but aside from the “selling my stuff” part, I just hope you’ll come by to be a part of this life transition with us. After all, y’all are our family too!

On to Part Two:

And speaking of extended family, by happenstance, I had the honor of serving dinner at one of the Ronald McDonald homes recently. Families stay in these homes for little or no cost while their children are being treated at local hospitals. Visiting with these families and Directors of RMHouse and hearing of how these homes bring reprieve and a soft place to fall, there was a natural draw to find out more.

One of the Directors said that their greatest, current need was paper products like paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and plates. Also, a girlfriend, who’s daughter needs specialists care and has stayed in (too many) RMHouses in other cities has been “giving back” in her own sweet ways. Tricia, who now is schooled from home, wants to create “Welcome/Activity” bags for the children and their siblings who stay at the RMHouses. Small puzzles, knitting supplies, coloring books, bead bracelets, lalala. Kinda like the Birthday Bag ya get when you get to someone else’s party … just makes you feel special.

This isn’t necessarily a solicitation – I’m certain each of us gives and pays it forward to others in our own way and with organizations that speak to our hearts and life’s experience. This is simply a non-obligatory-suggestion-request-do-it-if-ya-wanna opportunity …

For the sale on June 8 & 9, please feel free to bring a roll of paper towels, a pack of toilet paper or other paper product to the sale to donate to the local Ronald McDonald Houses. Heck, put your initial on it and USE IT AT YOUR LINE MARKERRR … can you picture THAT … a circle drive lined with BOUNTY & CHARMIN?? Or/and, we will have a donation box available for you to drop in a buck or 6 to help fund “Tricia’s CARE & SHARE” so that she can share her love with the kids at the RMHouses here in KC. Any cash donations will be matched by Blue Tape Estate Sales up to $500.

Thanks for listening,

thanks for being you,

and thanks for sharing life with us 🙂


Nancy & The Blue Tape A Team