Our Story

It was in the mid-’60’s when I first remember getting in Grandma Dugan’s big ol’ car and going to garage sales in Quincy, Illinois.  What an adventure it was looking through people’s stuff as she explained the use or value of items — not silver or crystal, but why a bowl with a hole in it would make a good planter or how old t-shirts would help hold up her tomato plants.  And when the tomatoes came, she’d eat them like an apple over her sink with her old, work-worn hands.  All my life I admired her hands and wanted mine to be the same – worn, from just doing.

For as long as I can recall, the Sinovic family has always attended and held garage sales.  Friends would often call me asking if I would help set up or run their sales and I always jumped at the chance.  Some look at it as we do, a gift, and others more of a dysfunction; “why would you want to clean out someone’s house”?  If it were about ‘cleaning out someone’s house’, we’d be Merry Maids, and that’ll happen as soon as I get back from the moon or become a gymnast.  Cool thing for us is that we get to help and bring support to families during a transitional time in their life when a good many things are just uncertain (see FAQs page for answers to some common questions).  We find out what a family needs and then develop a plan to just make it happen — with respect and dignity to the family, the home and its contents.  Every person has a story, and we are blessed to be in a position to help them start their next chapter with peace and profit.

Though Blue Tape Sales & Service began as a one-gal-table-haulin’ gig, this company would not be able to do all we do without God’s direction and endless grace, as well as the most amazing “A” Team in all the land who have similar, and oftentimes, identical ideals of how to care for families and how guests should be treated when they walk into a Blue Tape Sale.

Several years ago, after completing a very labor-intensive, multi-faceted, detailed-sequencing sale and clean-out I said, “Wow, there is nothing Blue Tape can’t do!” … to which Paula replied, “Yea, anything but be hand models!”.  And that’s just how we like it.

If you, or someone you know, would like to discuss how we may be of service, please call me at 913.709.9016 ~

Pass me a tomato, please 🙂

Nancy Sinovic